Packaging starts here

Etapak Ambalaj is among the market leaders in flexible packaging with a professional approach, strong customer portfolio and high-quality standards. The company operates at the European standards in terms of occupational safety, environmental regulations and food safety. The company develops special projects for its customers, in addition to the original product portfolio. Up-to-date international quality management standards are applied at the manufacturing and management level. The production process is run at the highest level of quality standards which is documented by several certificates.

Etapak Plant is located in Çiğli Atatürk Industrial Zone in Izmir on an area of 23.579 square meters with an in-door facility of 11.750 square meters. Annual production volume totals approximately 8,400 tons, 55% of which is supplied to export markets of more than 35 countries in 3 continents.

5 logistics centers in
Berlin, Amsterdam,
London, Manchester and Salzburg

2 sales offices in
İstanbul and Landzigt

Offering value added solutions

Established in 1968 and operating under Özgörkey Holding since 1997, Etap Enjeksiyon manufactures crates, pallets and containers that meet the storage and logistics needs of various business lines in the supply chain, ranging from food to heavy industry, agriculture to packaging. The company continues its activities at its İzmir Pınarbaşı production facility, with an annual production capacity of approximately 10,000 tons.

Etap Enjeksiyon plant in Pinarbasi, Izmir covers an area of 22,000 square meters with a 9,000 square meters in-door facility. The company has a production volume of 10,000 tons per year, 30% of which is supplied to export markets of 30 countries over 4 continents.

Founded in 2015, Etap Doğan operates as a joint venture of Özgörkey Holding and Doğan Plastik, and the company is specialized in plastic crates and containers, particularly for the agriculture industry. Etap Doğan shares the same production facilities with Etap Enjeksiyon in Izmir Pınarbaşı.

25.000 m2 area

200 Employees