The largest fruit growing and fruit juice concentrate business in Turkey

Anadolu Etap, a joint venture between Anadolu Group and Özgörkey Holding, caters the need of high-quality fruits and fruit juice in the market. As of today, it is the largest fresh fruit and fruit juice concentrate company in Turkey with 8 farms, 3 fruit juice factories and 1 packaging facility. Anadolu Etap has 5 million trees responsibly grown in 8 farms covering a total area of 30,000 decares. Anadolu Etap’s global outreach allows the company to serve a wide geography comprising of 60 countries stretching from America to Europe and Japan with premium fresh fruits and fruit juice concentrates. The company also operates two R&D centers in its Mersin Fruit Juice Factory and Balikesir Tahirova Farm.

Anadolu Etap is one of the leading employers in Turkey in the food and agriculture industries with more than 3,000 employees. The company provides employment opportunity to approximately 2,000 migrant workers per year. Anadolu Etap aims to ensure that 75% of migrant farmers consist of women and organizes the AgroAkademi training program to support female participation in the economic activity and increase the number of qualified women farmers. To date 875 farmers joined this training program, which is offered in cooperation with Local Directorates of National Education, Public Education Centers, Universities and Agricultural Chambers. Anadolu Etap also contributes to the education of more than 200 children annually with the MIÇO project, which was launched in 2015 to support the children of migrant workers.

30.000 Decares Area

5.000.000 million Fruit Trees