Born in 1924 in İzmir, Nevzat Özgörkey is regarded as one of the most prominent entrepreneurs and businesspersons in Turkey. He got a start in business at a young age in import and trade of water engines. He then undertook the distributorship of Milangaz in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions for many years. Mr. Özgörkey is also one of the founders of Ege Biracılık, and he has served as a Board Member at Efes Pilsen Breweries. Together with his business partners, he laid the foundations of Coca-Cola Içecek A.Ş., by establishing Coca-Cola franchising operations under the name of Imbat Meşrubat Sanayii in Izmir in 1967.

Between 1968 and 1998, Mr Özgörkey served as the Vice President of the companies carrying out Coca-Cola operations in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. During this period, a total of 6 plants was founded, in Antalya (1982), in Izmir, Kemalpaşa (1986), in Izmir, Işıkkent (1990) and two plants in Romania (1992 and 1993).

In 1992, he founded the plastic injection business, and in 1993 he launched the fruit juice concentrate investment, which laid the foundations of Anadolu Etap.

Mr. Özgörkey is one of the founding members of Izmir Equestrian Club.

In 1997, together with his sons Cemal and Armağan, he founded Özgörkey Holding A.Ş.